Capturing your favorite moments

Capturing special moments that mean the most to you. Specializing in event, music and portrait photography.

Vision and skill

Providing services in fields of photo, video and visual design fulfilling needs whether they are in wedding photography or poster design. Check out my gallery for examples of my work.

Constant progress

Working with web technologies, mostly with Javascript and associated frameworks, but always learning and looking at what's around. Projects done in e-commerce, marketing automation, analytics as well as web services and design for small businesses.

Looking for interesting projects

Searching to collaborate with level-headed people working on fascinating projects in the fields of music technology, audiovisual and e-commerce. The more varied the project, the better! You can find my CV on LinkedIn and some of my hobby projects on Github.

Info and contact

I am a -year-old photographer, software developer and musician with a history in visual design. I am based in Helsinki, but will travel to where you are, if needed.

The aim to capture and create beautiful and natural moments is the leading guideline in my work. In images, videos and design, I take inspiration from Finnish urban and rural areas, local culture as well as bringing out real emotion.

If you are interested in using my services or working together, throw me a line!